Romain Jerome Luxury Watches Collection

RJ-Romain Jerome is a Swiss luxury watch company that was founded in 2004 and based in Geneva Switzerland. Romain Jerome is known for creating concept timepieces that are considered very rare and limited in the watchmaking world. Because of its outrageous DNA concepts, Roman Jerome was able to differentiate itself from the 600 other Swiss watchmakers and has since become very successful in the watch making industry.


Basic Features of Romain Jerome watches

“Titanic-DNA” Collection

The Titanic DNA collection is the first collection of watches made in tribute to a historical event. This rare collection of watches was inspired by the Titanic and materials used to in this collection were salvaged from the shipwreck. A process to stop the rust from corroding the steel further was developed by Romain Jerome and is considered the first of its kind to shake up the watchmaking world.


There are only 2012 pieces of this limited edition Titanic DNA watch collection. This number commemorates the year of the Titanic’s 100 year anniversary. Basic features of the Titanic DNA collection of watches include:

  • Salvaged steel from the Titanic wreckage
  • 18k gold
  • Ceramic & titanium
  • Black rubber strap with deployant clasp
  • Black rubber strap with tang buckle
  • Shape of the minute and hour hands are in the shape of the Titanic’s anchor
  • Recovered coal was applied to the dial to give it a dark, charred texture
  • Rubber or crocodile hornback strap with deployant clasp

The Titanic DNA collection is also set to release a stabilized extreme rusted steel version. Its extreme rusted steel bezel will be forged from authentic parts of the Titanic.


“Moon-DNA” Collection

The Moon DNA collection is made from moon dust, fibers from the International Space Station (ISS) spacesuit, and fragments of the Apollo XI spaceship. This collection is only limited to 1969 pieces which commemorates the year  that man first set foot on the moon.

  • Black rubber or crocodile hornback band type
  • The dials of the watches will feature tiny craters with real moon dust from the moon rock brought from the first visit to the moon
  • Steel from the Apollo 11 space shuttle will be used for the case
  • The strap is made of fibers from the spacesuit worn during the ISS mission
  • Hands of the watches replicate Sputnik’s antennas


“Eyjafjallajökull-DNA” limited edition

This collection only has 99 pieces of watches inspired from the volcanic eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland in 2010. This is another unique timepiece from Romain Jerome featuring a bold and stylish volcano effect which seems to burst out from its steel bezel and volcanic ash case.

  • The dial is made up of an entire slice of lava
  • Its rugged and strong bezel is made up of volcanic ash
  • It has a name hand painted at 3 o’clock




Having a Romain Jerome watch has been considered as a status symbol associated with luxury dwelling. Surely, only the rich and famous could afford this kind of outrageous timepiece. Romain Jerome’s collection of unique watches truly would fascinate every technophile, fundamentally defying every form of logic. Why on earth would a watch made from a sinking ship or a space mission, or a volcanic eruption be such a hit?


The answer to this question is surely not because of mere practicality or that the watch owner needs to know the time. It is surely because these high-end watches are already like a form of art in itself. Its special features like having a power reserve, transverse mechanism with a chain fusee, winding with rotating hand-crank winch cleverly hidden in the folding buckle, black satin-finished steel, and other unique features all form to make a great work of art.


Another engaging feature is its uniqueness. Because there are only a limited number of watches of this kind in the world, there is the feeling of exclusivity.

Honest Negatives

Most economically practical people would surely bash the RJ-Romain Jerome collection of watches for its rather hefty price. The Titanic collection runs at around USD 6000 to USD 430000 while the Moon Dust collection is more expensive at USD 15000 to USD 500000. Now, people would call that a rather skyrocket price for a watch, even if it’s a high-end watch. But take note, even with this price, this limited collection of watches became such a big hit that they were snapped up immediately the moment they went on sale. There is currently an order backlog exceeding 50 million Swiss francs. There is even a Romain Jerome watch, called the Day&Night watch, which do not indicate the time other than if it is day or night. Now, practical people would call this really outrageous and weird but that’s the real cake for sheer outrageous elitism.

All in all, RJ-Romain Jerome would surely continue to surprise us soon when it launches its new DNA legends collection. The whole world would surely keep itself posted for its next move.